Photojournalism: snippet of my portfolio

Photojournalism: the key to a news story’s success, a truthful story, and unbiased story.

Photos appear everywhere nowadays- they are completely ubiquitous. People are overflowed with Instagram, Twitter, photography contests and more. Once a privilege to own a high quality camera, now everyone walks around with the latest and greatest smartphone- some capable of producing images similar to that of a DSLR camera. Consumers nowadays are met with this smorgousboard of images and can not even differentiate an Instagram snap from the work of a Parson’s grad.

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(Here are some samples of my work.)

What is a photojournalist nowadays? To an extent everyone is a photojournalist now, documenting life as it happens minute by minute. Instagrams, Tweets and more are simply an extension of ourselves. We’re all basically amateur photojournalists, showing the world our digital autobiographies.

This is not death to photography- this is inspiration. Inspiration to improve, to push boundaries, to excel. To be noticed nowadays, we photographers have to be better- have to offer a new trait, have to be unique. As demand rises, so will quality.

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But there is a difference between a photojournalist and those simple snapping a picture of their dog for instagram- and in fact, it is crucial. A real photojournalist goes beyond themselves- finding what we neglect to see and capture on Instagram. Instagram is a comfort- the work of a photojournalist steps out of comfort, bringing us new material- stuff we would not see in a typical instagram feed of food and selfies.

Instagram and Twitter along with the rest of the slew in social media is not bad however, they are simply well mastered platforms. Instead of killing the photojournalist platform they have motivated it to higher grounds. It is truly wonderful to see such a passionate field be promoted by what should have been killing it as a competitor.


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