Advertising, keeping the paper afloat

When it came to marketing for my paper, I quickly realized that this was one of my major strong suits. Each Editor-in-Chief of my paper gets a small side job, mine is to oversee advertising with local businesses.

To promote consistency I decided to create letter templates, business cards, and a small media folder. Since my staff also works on gathering advertisements for our paper, I assumed templates would greatly help them- since many would say they were nervous when it came to nailing a deal with an advertiser.

Our paper, like many others, has a media packet, which gives publishing dates, size of advertisements and pricing. Since this packet is not my own intellectual property, I will not be publishing it here, but it is fairly self explanatory.

When I compile an inquiry to an advertiser, I get a folder, place our media packet and my business car in the front pocket, my letter in the bindings, and our latest print issue in the back cover. Most of our staff now follows this process as well.

When training staff, it is important to stress the importance of meeting an employee in person- phone call and/or then email is always a very last resort. It is highly important to also meet with a manager, CEO or owner of a business, since they are likely the ones in charge or advertising, or in connection with those in charge of advertising allocations.

Furthermore, our paper relies heavily on a partnership with Pepsi, our school’s vendor. For the future I have recommended adding a clause to the school’s vending contract, to assure that any future vendor must advertise with us. This has yet to go through, but it is my second largest contribution to our advertising department.

Advertising may be nerve wracking in the beginning, but it gets easier with time- and not only that, but it helps better social skills, and adds a diverse characteristic to leadership.


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